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    1. Wagon type or letter series (e.g. 4-axis cistern Zaes).

    2. The name of the product that will be transported in the wagon used for that purpose (e.g. aircraft fuel).

    3. Class according to RID, UN number, packing category that includes hazardous materials according to RID (e.g. RID cl. 3, UN 1203, packing category II).

    4. Is it possible to send us the Safety Data Sheet on request? (required)


    5. Quantity of wagons (or the capacity of the sigle loading).

    6. The expected beginning of hire period (e.g. asap or starting with July of the current year).

    7. The duration of hire (e.g. 6 months or e.g. for 2-3 trips to Czech Republic).

    8. National or international traffic (e.g. national or e.g. Germany or Holland - Poland).

    9.Additional technical requirements include service loading, wagon equipment, etc. (e.g. the required lower gravitation unloading system provided by the side valves with the M130x6 thread as well as a tank from stainless steel; or e.g. the required opening roof which enables the introduction of a sleeve).

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